Pink Petals Publications

Peer Review Process

Once your proposal has been accepted for consideration, we request the submission of the full manuscript. Submissions are only considered if the manuscript has not been offered for publication elsewhere. Typically, authors are expected to submit their final manuscript within twelve months, although we are open to discussing extensions if needed. Please refer to our Style Guide & Manuscript Presentation for formatting guidelines.

The refereeing process involves sending the final manuscript to two peer-reviewers for feedback, with a request for their comments within three months, where possible. Based on the referees' reports, our directors decide whether to approve the manuscript for publication. Authors are asked to consider referees' recommendations, if any, to enhance the manuscript. Depending on the extent of revisions, referees may be consulted again for additional feedback. An additional condition of acceptance is ensuring the manuscript is proofread and styled according to our guidelines, with necessary copy-editing done to maintain a high level of English.

Upon acceptance of the final manuscript for publication, authors receive a contract to sign, marking the beginning of the publication process.

Before the publication process commences, authors must provide all image and audiovisual files at the correct resolution, with copyright issues cleared and permissions obtained. Instructions for image submission are provided in our Information on Images section.

Authors are also requested to provide a list of terms for inclusion in the index, unless an embedded index is created within the final Word manuscript.

The publication process involves listing the title on our website with assigned ISBNs and a DOI, accompanied by a drafted blurb. Following approval by the author, we proceed to typeset the book, insert illustrations, audio, or video files, index the book, and prepare proofs for the author's final approval, typically within four to six weeks. Editions of the book are assigned ISBN numbers and a DOI upon acceptance for publication.

Authors are encouraged to create additional digital resources related to the book for posting on our website, such as photographs, case studies, tables, data, additional contributions, and conference papers, to enrich the title's content and longevity.