Pink Petals Publications

Creative Commons Attribution

As a Pink Petals Publications author, you will retain full copyright control over your work. We adhere to the principles of Creative Commons licensing (, empowering you to determine the level of restrictions on the reuse of your work. It's important to note that standard rules regarding plagiarism and citation still apply to works under Creative Commons licenses.

The most permissive license, CC BY (Creative Commons Attribution), allows for broad reuse and republishing of your work, including by commercial entities, provided they acknowledge your authorship and cite the original publication. This could entail inclusion of a chapter in lecture materials, translation into other languages, or reproduction in new editions. Some funding bodies may require this license.

Alternatively, the CC BY-NC (Non-Commercial) license permits reuse for non-commercial purposes only, meaning it's suitable for educators but restricts translations or reprints without explicit author consent, often involving royalties.

The CC BY-ND (No Derivatives) license allows reuse, even for commercial purposes, but only in its entirety, disallowing partial reproductions without permission.

The CC BY-SA (Share-Alike) license permits reuse, including for commercial purposes and in adapted forms, under the condition that the new work is licensed in the same manner.

Combining these restrictions is possible, such as CC BY-NC-ND, which allows sharing with attribution but prohibits commercial use and modifications.

While the majority of our books are licensed under CC BY for maximum dissemination and reuse, we respect authors' preferences regarding the Creative Commons license they wish to employ for their work. We encourage you to explore the various license options on the Creative Commons website and are available to discuss which license best suits your work. Should you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us for further clarification.