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Writing is not a cup of tea. We understand the efforts required in completion of a book. We understand that book may be not the first one for us, but for you it’s not less than a dream. Our team work at their utmost efforts to convert your dream into beautiful reality.

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What kind of paper do you use for printing books?

We source our book printing from a wide variety of book printers worldwide, we use 75 GSM-130 GSM for text paper and 250 GSM or above in multicolor of Cover pages.

What are your page requirements?

We accept Minimum 70 pages book for publication, for thesis and children can be 50 pages.


Can I have images in my book?

Yes, images can be included in your book. Black and White books can incorporate black-and-white or grayscale images, while Full Color books can include full-color images.

What is ISBN?

The ISNB is a numeric commercial book identifier which is intended to be unique. Publishers purchase ISBNs from Government Agency of India. An ISBN is assigned to each separate edition and variation (except reprinting) of a publication.

Will the images be in color?

Black and White books can only incorporate black-and-white or grayscale images, while Full Color books can include full-color images.Children book will be in color, Depend on package.

What trim sizes do you provide?

We offer several trim sizes to meet your needs. Black and White books come in 5″x 8″, 6″ x 9″, and 8.25″ x 11″ sizes. Full Color books are offered in 8″ x 11″ sizes.

What is Offset Printing?

To quote from Wikipedia: “Offset printing is a commonly used printing technique where the inked image is transferred (or “offset”) from a plate to a rubber blanket, then to the printing surface.” The plate making process is costly. But once you create a plate, you can use it to generate a large number of copies. Therefore, printing just a few copies is not cost-effective with offset printing, but the cost per copy decreases with increase in the number of copies printed.

How to get Published?


Every content leaves an imprint in your mind. Finds a corner in your heart to stay forever, finds its way to reaching there with words. We all have that one dream to take it to the level of best-selling author, million copies sold, translated into various languages, and attend a book reading events and circles. Online and offline both. But how do we begin? What? Why? When? And How?

Write your own way.
Self Publishing is a boon on its own. It not only allows author’s a chance to get published in a short period of time but also provides them with numerous extra services and most of all 100% royalty which traditional publishing doesn’t provide.

When we talk about traditional publishing, what comes to our minds first are novels and novellas, but never poetry books. With self publishing author gets a chance to choose from a wide variety of genres and themes.


Before Print on-Demand

Before Print on-Demand, it was impossible to think of printing one copy of a book or any other material in a cost-effective manner. Alternatives such as Offset Printing have a high set-up cost. So one needs to print a large number of copies to distribute that set-up cost over all those copies. That is the only way to achieve a good per-copy cost. The whole economics of publishing, therefore, had to work on the assumption of bulk printing, with the associated operational and financial issues. But with the possibility of printing one copy at a time, thanks to POD, the printing and publishing economics can change entirely.

How many copies of my book will be printed?

We Print-On-Demand, which means that we print copies of your book as and when we get a demand for it either by the readers, customers or the author. As per the pages in the book the cost of single copy is decided.
Author Portfolio & Publishing Solution
The journey from scribbler to author is always beautiful. It seems easy outside , but working for days, months, years to get your hardwork finally on paper is tedious. As an author, your hardwork’s basic requirement is to produce your book as well as build a strong network on social media/website in order to sell it.

The accomplishment of completing amazing work is such a proud moment which brings another challenge and complexity. Challenge of presenting your work in front of world.

The stage of making choices, and choices that will determine future of the hardwork you longed to do. You may now have multiple questions in your head.
Say it for making print ready manuscript ? Or What size shluld i design my cover? Or Does a book require an ISBN? Or how do i get ISBN allotted to my book? Or Should I approach and literary agent? To ample number of confusing questions.

Many answers can be given by traditional publisher! While self publishers would answer you, guide you and put forward even more information.

If major part of book publishing process is excelled by the author, than it is profitable to the author to opt for traditional publishing.

With Self publishing path, Author gets numerous professional services to get the hardwork finally to print.

Why choose Self Publishing?

More Royalty
More Freedom
Numerous choices
Pay only for the services you require
Easy to get published.

It refers to providing authenticity to your content by printing it and making it available at different platforms by the publication services provider, also known as the Publisher. And We are Pink Petals Publication, a synonym to your dreams.

Penning Till Publishing:
A pen, diary, thoughts, and sipping your favorite beverage? I’m not very sure that is sufficient to realize your dream. But I can assure you Publication house will hold your hand from the beginning till the post publishing assistance.

The Process Begins:
Time for taking baby steps!

Write your heart out, edit your content after completing it once, and then you can contact the Outreach Manager, he/she gives you on the surface knowledge of the process. On acceptance, you are required to send your manuscript, which will be checked and approved.
The process, first form, and payment link will also be mailed, and if needed, it will be shared with you on WhatsApp after the conversation, and on accepting, you’ll have to carry on with the first installment.
Within the maximum extent of 48 hours, the first installment amount has to be paid either in full or as 1/3 rd of the amount, and the remaining two installments are allowed for payment purposes, not more than that.
Then a project head is assigned to the writer. A project head handles all the work related to the book and services to be offered by the allotted personnel.
After assigning, a WhatsApp group is created to ensure smooth flow and required transparency in the completion of services being offered.
Generally, it takes 25 days for the completion of the project (your book). Services offered include editing, formatting, and the last stage is cover designing.
On almost completion of all the in-making-of-book related activities mentioned above, ISBN of your book is applied, minimum time taken for ISBN allotment is 7-10 days. An ISBN serves as a unique number, which provides a unique identity to your book, and separates your first edition from the next one.
On completion of the printing of your book, filling up a dashboard form is required to track your book sales, orders, returns, and royalty offered from Publisher’s end per month. Also, you’ll receive an agreement letter, which you’ll have to sign-scan-print and send back to us. Moreover, the remaining amount must be paid in full before your book launch.
Then sales and marketing services are provided from our end.
And Hurray! You have become an Author now, and might become the best seller as well, so what are you waiting for? Write and Release your Book now!

We’ll wait for Your Contact!

Self Publishers can easily be contacted and you can be in touch with them 24*7 a day, which might not be the case with traditional publishers. When we talk to our clients who shifted from traditional to self publishing, this is the biggest issue they face. Its hard to contact the publishers for any concerns which lead to bad reputation and loss of good will.

NOTE- Plagiarism limit is 10% (copied content usage limit).

Reprinting is acceptable only if maximum books printed have any fault.

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