Creative writing totally depends on one’s instinct.
The unplanned thoughts that we pen down constitutes creative writing.
Here are three basic steps that will help you to improve your creative writing.
1. Never Chase Content
Never Chase Content, let the content chase you, you shouldn’t force yourself to deliver any kind of content, let the content come up to you in the most natural way while eating, while dreaming, while stargazing “Subconsciously”. If you will sit with a blank paper and a pen and decide to fill that paper up in an hour, the paper will be filled but the content on that paper will be a compromised version of the content that would’ve come to you naturally, you won’t realize it at that point because at that moment your topmost priority is to fill that paper in an hour shift you have accomplished but with time it will strike you that the quality of content could’ve been better.
So the key is to not go chasing after the content.
Let it strike you subconsciously.
2. Mind travel
Now this is something that just sounds fancy but is quite simple, there’s a simple thing that if you remain stationary at a place for a long time you will eventually get bored and relationship of boredom and creativity is quite inverse if one increases the other decreases so just like your body even your mind detaches from your creative self and fall prey to boredom if u let it stationary, so whats the solution if such a case arise and if there’s a scenario what we are having currently I.e Lockdown where we can’t travel physically or even after Lockdown if some of us won’t be able to travel what you should do then is try mind travel, let your mind travel through all the stories that u read by the means of books or movies that u watch , because of the urge if discovering what that new place consists your mind will start eliminating the boredom and soon when all of the boredom is gone, u will be back to your creative self.
3. Introspect regularly
The best form of creative writing will be the one that will come straight from your heart
Now to know what comes from your heart and what not INTROSPECTION is the way to identify what you truly want to write , look inside yourself meditate from time to time stay connected with your inner self ,never write anything that you aren’t interested in or something that u are writing only because it’s popular and your heart is somewhere else , try asking yourself what u want to write try meditate which will lead to introspection 15 mins a day and you will yourself witness the results , creative things will come up to you.